jessie knoles is from a rural town in central illinois. her two chapbooks, CHASING OLD HAUNTS (pitymilk press) & ONCE I WAS MANY OTHER THINGS (bottlecap press), were published in 2018. she is a poetry editor emiretus for hobart and founding (poetry) editor for wohe lit.

she likes amtrak rides, archival mysteries, being cozy, biking, cemeteries, community studies, cornfields, estate sales, genealogy, getting mail, identifying birds, libraries, linen dresses, live folk bands, the moon, mornings, museums, navel gazing, old cookbooks, reading, root vegetables, wanderlust.

after living in washington (state) for five years, she currently resides in urbana, illinois, where she is undergoing a masters in information science. there she specializes in archives and special collections, and has worked with community archives, illinois history, and rare books.